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Water-based Screen Printing

Water-based and discharge printing are ways of achieving very soft-hand prints and also work well for vintage looking prints. Water-based printing only works on light coloured 100% cotton t-shirts and discharge printing only works well on certain brands and certain colours of dark t-shirts. Colour matching with water based and discharge is not guaranteed as the ink colour is affected by the brand of the colour of the garment. 

Working with these types of inks is more labour intensive and requires much greater care when printing. We have to use special screens and mix all colours from scratch. Thus, we have much higher minimums and colour limitations. Furthermore, jobs will need to be quoted and expect to pay a premium for these types of inks. 

Conversely, if you're looking for a soft hand print, but don't want to deal with the higher quantities and hassles involved with discharge and water-based, our direct-to-garment printing is also water-based and has no minimums. 

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