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Direct to Garment T-Shirt Printing Machines


Our fleet of Kornit Avalanche HD Printers produces exceptionally vibrant full colour prints using water-based CMYK inks. Your custom t-shirts have never looked better. 

The Proof is in The Printing

This Is Where The Magic Happens

Full Colour

Want to print a photograph or a complex multi-coloured piece of artwork. Don't worry, there are no colour limits when printing using DTG. 

Water Based Ink

Looking for that smooth, soft hand feel? How about an eco-friendly alternative? DTG uses premium water-based inks.

High Definiton

We use Kornit AVKHD printers, which use a patented high-definition technology, ensuring we capture the most detail and vibrancy in every print. 

Eccomerce Fulfilment

Are you looking for a print-on-demand service to fulfil orders from your website? We offer a white-label solution for your brand.
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