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Plastisol Screen Printing

All of our standard prints are printed with plastisol screen printing ink. Plastisol ink is extremely durable and long-lasting in the wash. It's known for being vibrant, opaque, and for its colour matching ability. Plastisol does have a prominent hand feel to it. When printing on colour t-shirts, we must use a white-base underneath colours to ensure the colours look vibrant. Because of this, plastisol can a heavier feel. Most printed apparel you see in retail stores and on printed apparel tends to be plastisol. 

We offer a range of standard colours and can also mix and match any Pantone C colour. If you're trying to pick a colour for your artwork, we ask you to refer to our standard colour chart or choose a Pantone from the Pantone Coated book. Please note, that colours on your computer screen or phone often look different from screen to screen and we remind you that for exact colour matching we only refer to the Pantone Coated book.  

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